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IBM Announces Memory Breakthrough, Develops Multi Bit Phase Change Chips

International Business Machines has announced a major breakthrough in data storage technology which could pave the way for advanced solid state storage chips.

According to the company, the breakthrough will involve the creation of solid state chips that will be capable of storing almost the same amount of data as stored by a NAND flash drive but will performance much more better and will longer life than them, Computer World reports.

The company said that it had managed to develop phase change memory (PCM) chips that don’t present data corruption issues. The chips are capable of storing two bits of data in every cell.

IBM’s Haris Pozidis said that the company’s PCM chips, which will be used sometime in 2016, will be utilised in the server applications developed by IBM, CNET reports.

"Our main application, being in the server business, is enterprise storage and memory applications," Pozidis said.

"In the consumer market, the most important attribute is cost per bit. In enterprise applications, the most important attributes are speed, because [PCM will be] sitting close to the main memory where there are lots of transactions per second, and the endurance of device. We must make sure the device can write and read many numbers of times." he added.