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Microsoft Releases Second Preview Of IE 10

On Wednesday Microsoft released the second preview version of its forthcoming Internet Explorer 10 to developers.

According to tech website PC Mag (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab), Microsoft has released the latest preview of Internet Explorer 10 to developers for testing and trials before it releases a final product.

Officially titled Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2, the user book for developers reveals that the latest version consists of enhanced support for HTML 5, the ability to drag and drop, File Reader API, Form Validation, Web Workers, CSS3 Positioned Floats and Media Query Listeners among other enhancements. Interestingly, IE 10 Platform Preview also supports HTML5 Sandbox and iframe isolation.

"We continue to get a lot of good feedback from developers on the balance that we're striking between openness and transparency, while respecting developers' time as we deliver meaningful updates with the Platform Previews," said Ryan Gavin of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer department.

The company has said that it will continue to offer support for IE 10 for the next 10 years in a manner similar to its support for the past decade of old versions of Windows. IE 10 is expected to be launched with the rumoured Windows 8 next year.