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Nokia May Not Release Latest Meego Phone In The UK

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia might not sell its Meego powered N9 smartphone in the UK when it launches later this year.

According to an article on The Inquirer (opens in new tab) it has been discovered that the UK is not mentioned in the list of countries that Nokia has asked its users to check for availability.

Apart from the UK, major European countries like Italy, Spain, Germany and France are also absent from the list. It's not clear why these specific companies would be excluded from the product launch.

“The N9 will begin shipping in 2011. We will share more information about the specific markets and the pricing closer to product availability,” Nokia's communications manager, Mark Hindle told The Inquirer.

Nokia announced the Meego powered device more than a week ago. The N9, unlike its predecessor the N8, has done away with some physical buttons and features a 3.9 inch touch screen.

The N9 features an 8MP camera, 16GB and 64 GB memory options, 1GB RAM and a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor. The Meego 1.2 phone also comes with support for near fields communications technology and a Drive App for navigation.

Meanwhile, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has clarified that the company won’t release more Meego-powered smartphones even if the the latest one proves to be a hit.