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Not Quite An iPad 2 - Windows Tablet Hybrid Now Available Under £200

Vye has dropped the price of its tablet that doubles as a notebook to £199.97, half the suggested retail price that it commanded at launch.

Available only at Saveonlaptops, the device, known as the V91015, comes with a 10-inch WSVGA touchscreen with optional multitouch, a Pinetrail-based Intel Atom N450 CPU clocked at 1.66GHz with 1GB RAM, a 160GB hard disk drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a pair of USB ports, a webcam, a card reader, a five hour battery life, VGA out and Windows 7 Starter OS.

The V91015 can be transformed into a tablet simply by folding out and rotating the screen, and the fact that it comes in a rather compact package makes it an ideal alternative to a bulkier, more expensive full Windows tablet.

You will need to buy a Windows 7 Upgrade pack and download the Microsoft surface addon in order to benefit fully from the multi touch capabilities.

Taiwanese manufacturer Vye is not well known (enough) in the UK but it tends to make products that often differ from the rest of the competition at an affordable price.

Jolibook, its Jolicloud based netbook for example, combined a cloud-based operating system with an Intel-based hardware platform for a tad less than an equivalent Windows-based netbook.