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Oracle Calls HP's Lawsuit A Publicity Stunt

Oracle has claimed that the recent lawsuit filed against it by Hewlett Packard over Intel’s Itanium server is merely a publicity stunt.

According to an article on PC World (opens in new tab), Oracle said in a court filing that the lawsuit filed by HP was a publicity stunt and was designed to shift the blame to Oracle when HP and Intel eventually drop support for Itanium.

Oracle's strong-worded filing also states that the world’s largest computer maker is ‘perpetuating a myth’ and is suing Oracle for telling the truth to the consumers. Oracle claims that Intel does not have a 10 year road map for Itanium contrary to what HP is claiming.

Intel has been trying to discontinue Itanium for a long time and HP has been aware of this fact but has chosen to mislead customers, Oracle said.

“HP untenably has put itself and thousands of customers out on the end of a very long limb because HP, almost alone now, clings to a decades-old microprocessor architecture ... that has no future,” Oracle’s filing said.

“Intel has wanted to discontinue Itanium production for years, and HP knows it,” it added.

The suit began when Oracle announced that it would stop supporting servers that continue to use Itanium, which is expected to damage HP's bottom line.