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Rybka Disqualified, Banned On Plagiarism Charges

Rybka, known as the best virtual chess player in the world, and the proud winner of the last four World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC) has been disqualified and banned for allegedly stealing codes from two other chess-engines Fruit and Crafty.

Worse still, the creator of Rybka will now not only lose his title, but will also be losing all the prize money he won over these years by “cheating”.

Interestingly though, the International Computer Games Association (ICGA), who runs the WCCC, banned Rybka not because it stole codes from other programs, but because it was built on other’s work without giving them the due credit.

According to a letter sent by ICGA and published by Chessvibes, the creator of Rybka, Vasik Rajlich denied all the allegation brought upon him, but did not come up with any evidences to back up his claim for innocence, The Register reports.

However, it remains to be seen whether or not Vasik Rajlich, an MIT graduate who also happens to be an international master himself, appeals against this ban imposed upon him and his program.

But considering the fact that Rybka is commercial software, if Crafty and Fruit both decide to go legal against Rajlich and Rybka, it could well prove to be a disaster for both the man and his “creation”.