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Security Company Warns Of Widespread Phishing Scams On Tumblr

A massive phishing scam on microblogging service Tumblr has captured the details of thousands of accounts, according to thinq_

Christopher Boyd, a researcher secutiy outfit specialist GFI Labs, claims that, while the attack does not represent an active penetration of Tumblr's site security, it is surprisingly pervasive and has claimed thousands of accounts to date.

"The data we saw contained 8,200 lines of text," Boyd explains in a posting to his company blog, "and even accounting for the inevitable duplicates and fake data that's still quite the goldmine of pilfered login credentials."

The attackers, who started off simply attempting to hijack user accounts, are now using those credentials to host their content on Tumblr itself and further afield using convincing names - like,, and

Why Tumblr has been targetted remains to be seen. "We can only guess," Boyd explains. "The stolen accounts could be used as some form of advert affiliate money-making scam, or maybe we could see lots of pages with survey popups pasted over them.

"There is the very real possibility that the Tumblr accounts are simply a way to test if those users are logging into other services with the same credentials - at that point, everything from email accounts to internet banking sites could be fair game."