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Sony Vaio Z Series w/External Dock: Waiting For AMD Fusion?

It is quite fitting that Sony unveiled the new Vaio Z top of the range, ultra portable and super expensive laptop, at the same time as it launched a Vaio Y series, which is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Yet that entry level product holds the key to the future of the Vaio Z family. As impressive as the Power Media Dock is, it remains a cumbersome device, because it needs to be carried around and requires cables.

One solution would be to integrate some components found in the PMD in the optional battery extender that is bound to become a popular option.

Another alternative would be to use a mobile CPU like the AMD Fusion A8-3530MX which combines four cores running at 1.9GHz, 4MB cache and a Radeon HD6620G GPU, all with a TDP of only 45W (the external chip in the PMD is a Radeon HD6650M, a faster version of the 6620G with 1GB dedicated memory).

Doing so would reduce power consumption, enhance battery life and eliminate the need to have an optional PMD in the first place. Such a product won't happen overnight but the fact that the Vaio Y Series comes with an AMD Zacate leaves us to believe that Sony may embrace Fusion even more for high-end devices.