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TDL-4 Botnet Infects 4.5 Million Computers

A new report suggests that the TDL-4 botnet could turn out to be one of the biggest threats to computer security to date.

According to the latest research report issued by security researchers and developers Kaspersky Labs, the botnet, which has already attacked nearly 4.5 million computers, has turned out to be a highly sophisticated threat to computers running Windows operating system, Digital Trends (opens in new tab) reports.

"TDL-4, the name for both bot Trojan that infects machines and the collection of compromised computers, is the most sophisticated threat today. TDL-4 is practically indestructible”, Sergey Golovanov, a researcher at Kapskersky Labs wrote in a detailed report released on Monday.

According to the chief of security researcher at Dell SecureWorks, the botnet may not be “perfectly indestructible” but it is “pretty much indestructible.”

According to the security software company access to the botnet is priced at $250,000. About one third of the affected computers are based in the United States.

Kaspersky Labs says that the sophisticated botnet takes some of its exploits from the Stuxnet virus, conceals itself within a P2P network to avoid being detected and comes with its own anti virus to remove rival malware. The new version of the botnet is also able to support the 64 bit version of Windows.