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Yahoo! Forges New Company With Hadoop Team

Yahoo! has formed a new company out of its existing Hadoop development team, the company announced on Tuesday.

According to Yahoo!, the new entity, named Hortonworks will be counting on both Benchmark Capital and Yahoo! for funding.

"With Apache Hadoop, companies can connect thousands of servers to process and analyse data at supercomputing speed," Yahoo said in a statement, Zdnet reports.

"Yahoo pioneered, is the primary contributor to, and one of the leading users of Apache Hadoop," it added.

Yahoo! is also quite optimistic about Apache Hadoop becoming large enough to contain half of the world’s total data within the next five years, Eric Baldeschwieler, the chief executive of Hortonworks and former head of software engineering for the Hadoop team at Yahoo, said.

He also claimed that the company has managed to recruit a highly efficient team for the Apache open source community.

"Hadoop has gone from a powerful solution for specific problems to a foundational technology for almost any business. And there is a wealth of important work happening, not just on core Hadoop, but on the greater stack as well," Raymie Stata, Yahoo's chief technology officer, stated in a blog post.