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AMNews: MySpace Sold For One-Sixteenth of Original Price, Rybka Banned, Hortonworks Formed From Hadoop Team

It is somehow quite unsettling that a company that presents itself as "Europe’s largest independent digital media platform" has managed to convince Rupert Murdoch's News Corp to sell MySpace for one-sixteenth of its original price, and probably nearer to one billion dollars once you account for the capital investment, salaries and other investments since it was acquired in 2005.

We suggested a while back that Apple could smother the competition simply by demanding so much from its production partners that they'd have no other choice than to refuse or drastically reduce business from elsewhere in order to comply with Apple's production requests.

Rybka, known as the best virtual chess player in the world, and the proud winner of the last four World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC) has been disqualified and banned for allegedly stealing codes from two other chess-engines Fruit and Crafty. Worse still, the creator of Rybka will now not only lose his title, but will also be losing all the prize money he won over these years by “cheating”.

Yahoo! has formed a new company out of its existing Hadoop development team, the company announced on Tuesday. According to Yahoo!, the new entity, named Hortonworks will be counting on both Benchmark Capital and Yahoo! for funding. "With Apache Hadoop, companies can connect thousands of servers to process and analyse data at supercomputing speed," Yahoo said in a statement, Zdnet reports.

Beer maker Heineken has signed a multi-million euro digital advertising deal with search engine giant Google. According to The Financial Times, the deal covers more than 20 international markets. Heineken has agreed to make a certain amount of adverting investment with Google and will not only get coverage on a wide variety of Google products and services, but also Google’s search data. Heineken will also get certain discounts under the deal.

Ravi Mandalia

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