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Apple’s New Patent To Improve Local Networking

A patent document recently made public, entitled “Local Device Awareness”, describes a number of electronic devices within close proximity being able to communicate with each other with very little to no user input, Apple Insider (opens in new tab) reports.

With the new patent in place, Apple could make device connections simpler, as well as less restrictive, with the current need for devices to be on the same wireless connection in order to communicate.

With that in mind, iPhones and Macs, as well as Wi-Fi compatible printers could easily communicate with each other over wireless or Bluetooth technology. Moreover, the patent also makes a reference to RFID, a short-ranged wireless standard currently found in very few devices.

According to the patent, the system could even be able to use GPS to locate pieces of hardware and display them over a map. Moreover, not only would the invention offer great connectivity, but also greatly simplify interactivity between such devices, such as using an iPad a great distance away to display documents on a projector.

It could also offer interesting innovations in playing multiplayer games. One could, for example, use an accelerometer-equipped iPhone to roll a set of virtual dice, or even use RFID enabled physical dice (amongst numerous other applications of the technology that could be given).

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