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Ballmer Confronts Investor With Rough FY2011 Numbers

Microsoft’s chief executive officer on Wednesday revealed the company’s profit for the previous financial year while bashing down critics who state that he is no longer capable of heading the company.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the CEO of Washington-based Microsoft Corp. Steve Ballmer revealed some approximate figures about company’s earnings in the fiscal year 2011, ending today.

"There's a reason why we'll do almost $70 billion in revenue this year and we'll make over $20, whatever, $26, $27 billion in profits," Ballmer erupted suddenly when the publisher of the North West Asian Weekly asked him about his reaction to an investor’s demand for his resignation. Ballmer was attending a lunch organised by Seattle Rotary club at Westin Hotel in the city.

Ballmer went on to ask the fellow attendees if he lacked energy, zeal and conviction towards his job or if the company is not moving ahead in a timely manner.

The figures were apparently revealed without prior planning, and exact figures will be reported by Microsoft in an official press conference on July 21.

Ballmer snubbed the investor’s statement, which blamed him for the stagnant share price over the last ten years, declaring that he is here to stay.