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Bieber Fever Catches Up With Google

Search engine giant Google has roped in teen pop sensation Justin Bieber for a new ad promoting its web products.

According to an article on The Independent, the Google Chrome with Justin Bieber has become a massive hit on both Twitter and YouTube.

Google released a video in which the Canadian pop star is seen chronicling his rise to fame using Google products accessed from Google Chrome. The video, which has been uploaded on YouTube, has received more than 100,000 views since its launch.

Soon after the campaign was started, Bieber’s official account on Twitter has garnered more than 10,000 new followers. The campaign has boosted the Chrome Twitter account to the list of top brands in terms of the number of new followers each day.

The Chrome account was at the fourth spot while YouTube account was at the second place behind UberSocial.

Google has also launched a new Justin Bieber theme from the Chrome web browser.

However, the new ad campaign is nowhere near the Chrome ad featuring pop queen Lady Gaga. Gaga’s ad encouraged people to do rise up in life and do more while Bieber’s ad merely lured people into using Gmail and YouTube on Chrome.