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Britons Are The Most Safety Conscious Europeans Online

A Europe wide study has revealed that Britons are ‘most paranoid’ about online security then web users in any other European country.

The study, titled ‘How do users assess threats on the Internet?’, was conducted by online security firm G Data. The company surveyed around 16,000 web users across 11 European countries for the study.

G Data revealed that 94 percent of web savvy Brits had installed security software on their systems to protect themselves from the increasing number of online thefts. Meanwhile, 83 percent of Russian web users had security software installed.

Britons also led the way when it came to installing full-suite anti-virus software. The survey found that 65 percent of Britons said they had installed full suite security tools for greater protection.

It seems like Britons are becoming increasingly aware of the threats people have to face online and are protecting themselves from the worst.

“The finding is very interesting, and could perhaps be explained in part by factors which researchers have found to be related to the intention to practice online security," said Dr. Grainne Kirwan, lecturer in cyber-psychology at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

"It would seem that UK internet users have the right combination of these factors, which is a very positive thing for improving their online security." she added.