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Clarification Provided By Microsoft Over Rootkit Removal

Windows maker Microsoft Corp. has come up with an explanation regarding the advice it issued to the victims on the recently discovered rootkit that hides itself on the hard drive’s boot sector.

While many prominent security analysts subscribed to the advice issued by Microsoft, a leading botnet security expert openly expressed his doubt over the effectiveness of the solution provided by the software giant.

The malware in question, named “Popureb”, was highlighted by the MMPC (Microsoft Malware Protection Centre) last week, and it said that the only possible way to get rid of this threat once and for all is to use a recovery disc.

Since the recovery mode only resets the system to its factory settings, the company was arguing the Windows users to completely reinstall their operating systems.

"If your system is infected with Trojan:Win32/Popureb.E, we advise fixing the MBR using the Windows Recovery Console to return the MBR to a clean state," MMPC engineer Chun Feng clarified on the advice issued by the company earlier.

Mr. Feng also provided links to instructions on how to use the Windows Recovery Console in the Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.