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Could We See Facebook App For iPad Next Week?

According to reporters from Reuters, Mark Zuckerberg has hinted towards a new Facebook feature scheduled to debut next week, describing it simply as "something awesome".

A number of people are speculating that an application designed for the iPad, incorporating full resolution videos and full-screen images will be introduced. Considering Zuckerberg’s recent interest in the iPad, this may well be the case. Earlier reports surrounding a facebook iPad app had placed the release in a few weeks time.

The Facebook CEO relayed this news (opens in new tab) at the offices in Seattle, where the mobile side of the social networking giant is located, although Zuckerberg has insisted that the iPad is not a mobile device. If his opinion is anything go by, then perhaps it could be the leaked photo sharing app for the iPhone.

There has been some speculation it might be Project Spartan, though others have given reasons why they doubt this to be the case. The software would certainly be incomplete or rushed, since the HTML 5-based app platform is reportedly nowhere near completion, and it is also not in the hands of the Seattle team.

Other possibilities would include Skype integration and perhaps even a social TV feature. Unfortunately, there has been no further word from Facebook regarding more specific details, so let's simply hope whatever is actually scheduled for release next week will be worth the buzz.

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