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Galaxy Tab, Can It Be Considered iPad 2 Rival?

It is easy to see why the iPad and iPad 2 are doing so well. With is beautiful design, vast application library, portability and ease of use, Apple’s tablets continue to destroy all competition.

However, with the recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, sporting the latest Android operating system, the iPad may have found itself a worthy opponent.

With a bigger 10.1 inch display and 1280x800 resolution, the Tab 10.1 enjoys a higher pixel density than the iPad 2 (149 ppi vs. 132), meaning that videos, images and websites will have a sharper look, with no chance of spotting jagged lines or blocky graphics when zooming in.

Besides the obvious Flash support, the latest Android 3.1 tablet supports USB peripherals, although it does not have a standard USB port. With a simple adapter, you can use a mouse and keyboard on the Galaxy Tab, helpful when navigating Flash-based websites as well as giving the device an enterprise angle.

Alas, the tablet suffers from quite a troublesome interface for adding music and videos, but it does make up for that with its freedom to incorporate many interesting apps.

In conclusion, the iPad 2 is much better suited for those that want fast and easy access to a coherent ecosystem. However, if you have the skills and patience, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a much more refined and powerful beast.

Radu is the founder of, and has worked as a freelance writer for ITProPortal, as well as having been blogging around since 2004. He is interested in anything Apple as well as gaming and mobile applications.