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Gmail Enhances Its Anti-Phishing Tactics

Search engine giant Google has updated the security in its Gmail email service by enhancing its anti-phishing mechanism.

Phishing is a type of spam that seeks to trick users into revealing their personal and financial information.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), Google explained that from now on if users receive an email from someone not on their contact list, the header will show the email address of the sender.

This will allow users to see where the email is actually from. Sometimes, users receive phishing emails that appear to be from their banks, asking for details. The new feature will display the email address from where the email was actually sent.

“Starting today, Gmail will automatically display more information about the origin of certain messages you receive so you can be better informed and protect yourself from getting tricked. If someone fakes a message from a sender that you trust, like your bank, you can more easily see that the message is not really from where it says it’s from,” Google said.

The new feature will also display more information about an email sent by a website. Google also said Gmail will automatically delete suspicious messages and display warnings if it believes that someone has spoofed a Gmail account.