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Google Gives Gmail A Facelift

Google has rolled out two new preview versions of Gmail to the public to see which on is more popular before it goes ahead with an official Gmail face-lift.

The new Gmail preview can be selected by visiting the Gmail settings options denoted by a gear icon and selecting the preview from the list of themes.

Google says that in the process of adding new features to Gmail, the email client has become rather cluttered and complex. Therefore, to cut down on this clutter, Google has streamlined Gmail’s interface make it neater and more segmented than it was before.

The Gmail user interface update is a part of a Google-wide drive to enhance the look and feel of its products including the Google search home page and other Google products.

Google said in a blog post that it will be adding new themes centered around the new design in the coming few weeks and will continue to update Gmail's UI for the next few months.

“You can also expect some updated themes that embody the same design principles but are better suited to working in a dark environment, use a different color palette, or include the illustrations that we know many of you love to see around your inbox,” Google explained.