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Google Halts Google+ Invites Due To 'Insane' Demand

Within a day of its launch to a selected group of invitees, Google has stopped sending invites for its latest social networking platform Google+, citing explosive demand.

According to tech website PC World, the software giant has suspended invitations to the Google+ Project citing unmanageable demand from prospective users.

Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of engineering at the company wrote in a blog post that the project has had ‘insane’ demand and therefore, the company is discontinuing the invite mechanism for its nascent project, in order to introduce it carefully and keep things under control.

“As part of the field trial, we may open and close Google+ to new users at any time. We're thrilled so many people are interested in trying out a new approach to online sharing." Google said in a statement.

Google had launched the service for trial purposes to a few Google users, allowing each new user an ability to invite at least 12 new members to interact with and use the platform. The result is a heightened rush on the website.

The Chinese government, which also blocks social networking sites such as Facebook, has already blocked the Google+ Project, apparently by making it so slow that it is unusable.