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Google Has New Mobile Photo Sharing App Titled Pool Party

Google is said to be running trials of its new application for mobile photo sharing service.

The San Francisco Chronicle confirms the report issued by Tech Crunch in the month of May along with some screen shots, stating that the Mountain View, California-based Google Inc. is developing a photo sharing application.

The app, titled Pool Party, designed and developed by Slide aims at developing pool albums or group albums enabling users to update them with new photos in real time and upload pictures. The app has been released in beta version for a selected group of users.

The app, which has been made available for Apple’s iOS and Google’s very own Android Market, can be used only if they receive an invitation. “The app is currently in private beta mode, although you can request an invite. Once you have your invitation, you can download the app to your Android device and check it out for yourself”, tech website Scribbal mentioned.

App developer Slide is a small time social company which was acquired by Google Inc. last year. Slide also developed and released a group messaging application titled Disco, which now seems to be outdated as Google has eyes only for Huddle, another group messaging service which has been deployed in its latest social networking platform, Google+ Project.