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Google Plans To Release Developer API For Google+

Google has hinted at releasing a developer API for its newly launched social networking platform Google+.

The platform, which is currently going through a beta trial on an invite only basis, has been designed to bring a user’s entire web experience under one roof, making the web a more social place.

Google+ is the company’s latest attempt to take on the social networking giant Facebook, and Google seems to have hit the right spot. The company recently announced that it had to temporarily halt the invites for Google+ amid ‘insane demand’.

Even though only two days have passed since the project was launched, developers have already started to show an interest in the platform and are eager to start making add-ons and components for it.

CNET reports that Google has plans to release an API for the platform, but not until Google+ is at a later stage of development.

Google’s vice president for social, Vic Gundotra, speaking during the Web 2.0 Summit cocktail party, said that the platform was still evolving with more features coming in as it continues to grow.

He said that the platform was in an early stage and Google will continue to make it more user friendly and add integration with Google Apps.