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Guardian kills off international editions

Guardian News and Media's first move in its 'Digital First' strategy will be to kill off all of its foreign editions.

Versions of the left-leaning Guardian newspaper and its Sunday sibling the Observer - favoured by media types and beardy intellectuals - which are printed in New York, Frankfurt, Madrid, Malta and Cyprus will get the chop on October 1st according to a memo sent to staff.

International editions constitute close to eight per cent of the paper's total circulation so it's a bold move on the company's part.

“This is one of a number of steps that will allow us to focus our efforts and resources on digital platforms and subscription-based products, including our forthcoming launches on Kindle and iPad, that will deliver growth among our UK and international audiences,” GNM executive director Adam Freeman announced.

GNM announced that it would be making drastic changes to its business back in April, but an iPad edition of the paper has yet to materialise. PaidContent, which is owned by GNM, suggests that the demise of the international editions could herald the late arrival of the iPad version.

Freeman said that the company would continue to serve its international audience via the Web and other digital platforms as well as growing the circulation of Guardian Weekly, the company's analysis-based round-up edition.