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How to get into Google+ by the back door

Search giant Google opened the doors on its new social network rival to Facebook, Google+, earlier this week - but left millions round the world disappointed by restricting access to invited guests only. Now Thinq_ can reveal how you can get an invite by the backdoor - at least for now - into the service that's causing all the buzz.

The bad news? Before you can get access to the new social network, you'll need to know a friend who's already on Google's invitation list.

Your Google+ friend then needs to do one of the following: either post an update to their Stream (the equivalent of a Facebook Wall), and share it with you by entering your email address. Shortly afterwards, you should receive an email notifying you. All you need to do is click the link at the bottom that reads "Learn more about Google+".

To invite multiple guests at once is a bit more complicated. The Google+ user has to create a new 'Circle'. Once they've added the list of email addresses for their group, they'll have to create a Stream post and share it with that Circle, each of whom will receive the notification email with the sign-up link.

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