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HP Abusing Judicial Process Claims Oracle in New Petition

Oracle has accused Hewlett Packard and Co. for using law and judiciary to gain publicity after it filed a lawsuit against Oracle’s plans to end support for Itanium-based servers.

According to tech website The Inquirer, business software and hardware company Oracle filed a petition where it has accused computer maker HP of hurling an abuse at the judiciary by complaining against its end of support for servers made by Intel’s Itanium chip.

"HP untenably has put itself and thousands of customers out on the end of a very long limb because HP, almost alone now, clings to a decades-old microprocessor architecture ... that has no future”, read the petition.

Oracle in its petition [PDF], also said that chip maker Intel also wanted to discontinue developing server on Itanium chip, and HP always knew about its plans.

Oracle has also dismissed HP’s charge that both the companies entered in to an agreement to stick with Itanium chip-based servers and that Oracle has retracted from it in order to shift HP’s customers on to its own systems.

The California-based company has laughed off the claim by terming it as a “corporate hug” between the companies during the Mark Hurd case, last year, clarifying that no such formal contract exists, hence cannot be proved.