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iPad 2 Main Selling Point, As Portable TV?

The reason for the tablet industry being so unappreciated in the past has been the fact that whatever they can do, consumers already have other devices capable of performing the same function. Even with the iPad’s incredible success and ability to create a global trend, that situation still stands.

Many people have bought the stylish tablets out of their fandom for Apple products, curiosity or simply their love for gadgets. But let us not forget that all the features that a tablet incorporates can be easily found on other, more powerful pieces of equipment.

If you want to work on a project, you can use a desktop or a laptop, as they have the required technical specifications. If someone needs fast mobile access to email and the internet, they can use a smartphone. So what can the tablet do better than anything else?

Some of the iPad’s main selling points are watching videos, sifting through pictures and even watching TV. While you could easily watch your favourite channels or shows on a big 50 inch display, you cannot take that on a trip with you. Laptops also fall short in this area, as although they are portable, they can become cumbersome, not to mention incredibly heavy to hold.

With a tablet such as the iPad, you can easily move around, sit as comfortably as you wish and still watch your favourite shows. Moreover, with apps such as TV Everywhere and At Bat, the tablet can be a great companion on leisure trips and vacations.

Sure, you’re not going to use it much at home, but it’s a mobile device. It’s meant to be used when you’re mobile.

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