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Judge Won't Dismiss Google StreetView Data Collection Case

A federal judge in the United States has rejected Google Inc.’s plea to dismiss several cases filed against the company, accusing the company of storing personal data from several countries.

San Francisco’s District Judge James Ware on Wednesday dismissed Google’s plea and stated that the company can be charged for alleged data storage from unsecured wireless networks across 30 countries while developing its Street View feature, reports Reuters.

“Although the networks themselves were unencrypted, the networks were configured to prevent the general public from gaining access to the data packets without the assistance of sophisticated technology,” Ware stated.

The judge also added that just because the data is unencrypted, the data should not be accessed by the general public, and the company could be in violation of rules regarding accessing other people's private data and could be subject to punitive damages for its actions.

Last year Google admitted to storing nearly 600GB data from WiFi in more than 30 countries, apologised for it and promised to dispose of it in an effective manner. After the admission Google faced numerous lawsuits from users and governments within a few months.