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Lower roaming charges from today onwards

The European commission has brought in today lower prices for roaming calls when travelling abroad, which was first introduced in 2007 and then amended in 2009.

Customers opting into the ‘Eurotariff’ should be paying no more than 35 cents or 32p per minute to make a call, a drop from 39 cents or 11 cents per minute or 10p to receive a call whilst abroad, from 15 cents.

These cuts are from the EU Roaming Regulation and are the last in the series, with the overall policy expiring at the end of June next year.

A report was published this time last year by the Commission that highlights although the roaming costs have been temporarily reduced, there is still the fact that there’s a lack of competition in roaming services, which result in the prices being close to the caps imposed and are no lower.

The thinking now is that a new regulation needs to be put in place, where roaming costs approach zero by 2015 – which could be met, if more competition is available and a better choice of roaming services are on offer.

The Commission will be presenting a proposal soon for a long-term solution to the structural problems in the markets for voice, text and data roaming.

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