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Microsoft Dumps Hohm Energy Tracking Service

Software giant Microsoft has decided to discontinue its Hohm energy tracking service due to low adoption rate.

The move comes just days after Google decided to pull the plug on its own energy tracking service, Google PowerMeter.

In a blog post Microsoft said that although the beta version of the service had managed to garner a positive feedback from both the industry and consumers.

However, the company was forced to discontinue the service due to slow market adoption. Instead, the company said, it will focus more on coming up with product and services that have a long standing in the emerging energy market.

“Microsoft Hohm has helped demonstrate the critical role of information in helping people and organizations improve how energy is generated, distributed and ultimately consumed,” the company said.

“Microsoft will continue to focus on developing products, solutions and partnership that span a wide spectrum of industries, such as power generation, distribution grids, buildings and transportations systems,” it added.

The company highlighted its efforts in developing energy-smart services for emerging cities by partnering with universities, utilities, governments and building management firms. Microsoft also emphasised on the ability of cloud computing to result in energy savings.