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Nvidia offers 3D Vision buyers Duke Nukem Forever

In a deal that we can only imagine was inked before anyone had seen the finished game, Nvidia has teamed up with 2K Games to offer a free copy of Duke Nukem Forever to buyers of the 3D Vision wireless glasses kit.

Part of Nvidia's push for a true-3D future, the 3D Vision Kit includes a pair of active shutter glasses and a transmitter that synchronises them to the graphics card. When combined with a suitable GeForce GPU and a certified monitor, the glasses ensure that each eye gets a slightly different image, creating the illusion of depth.

It's a technology Nvidia has high hopes for and is the central pillar to Nvidia's ongoing fight with graphics rival AMD. It must have seemed a great idea, then, to partner up with possibly the most anticipated game launch of the last two decades - Duke Nukem Forever - to help shift some more units.

Sadly, as numerous reviews have shown, Duke Nukem Forever is a disappointment. With crude humour - even by the Duke's standards - linear level design, poor graphics, and little innovation over its 90s predecessor Duke Nukem 3D, Nvidia risks the bundle being seen as a curse, rather than a blessing.

Famously. it's the game so bad that it caused the one-man-band handling PR in the US to have a minor meltdown (opens in new tab), which resulted in its publisher withdrawing the contract. We're willing to bet that Nvidia didn't expect that when it signed the deal.

Nevertheless: if you're in the market for a 3D Vision glasses kit anyway, you might as well pick up the promotional pack and see what the fuss is all about. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.