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PlayStation Vita Will Use Facial Recognition Technology

Sony has released a new video which shows an exciting facial recognition feature which will come with its newly unveiled PS Vita hand held gaming device.

The Face Control technology, which was demoed by Sony during the Game Tools and Middleware event in Tokyo, will not only allow users to play motion control games but also interact with friends through avatars and use it for video calling, T3 reports.

The video shown during the event features real-time video chat using avatars, which use the facial recognition technology to scan and replicate the facial expressions of the users. The video shows the avatars mimicking the head and mouth movement accurately.

The technology is powerful enough to even mimic the blinking eye movement during a real-time video chat.

Sony has yet to announce the games for the upcoming device or give details on how these games will be delivered.

However, during the Vita E3 event, it was revealed that Sony is planning to launched four memory sizes for the device: 4GB, 8GB, 16Gb and 32GB. The memory cards look similar to the standard microSD cards.

The memory cards suggests that gamers will be able to download and store games and content from the PSP Store on their Vita consoles.