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RIM Doubts The Authenticity Of Malicious Open Letter

Research In Motion (RIM) on Friday came out in response to an open letter which was posted on the web by an anonymous RIM employee, early this week.

According to tech website Computer World, RIM has doubted the origin of the ‘open letter’ in an official statement but has admitted that the Canada-based BlackBerry maker is going through tough times.

Boy Genius Report, the website on which letter was posted, has stated that the letter comes from a verified employee of the tech firm.

“It is particularly difficult to believe that a 'high-level employee' in good standing with the company would choose to anonymously publish a letter on the web rather than engage their fellow executives in a constructive manner," the company said in its response.

However, RIM has agreed that the top management of the company is in a row as RIM is going through tough and challenging times. The management is working towards addressing the issues and the obstacles that the company is facing.

The 1,700 word letter has criticised RIM for failing to stay active in competition with world’s largest tech firms, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. The letter also accuses RIM for inability to manage its software sector, a lack of leadership, zero motivation and being unfriendly to users.