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Skype Unveils New Android App

Skype has unveiled the updated version of the Skype for Android app today. The new version of the app includes the Skype video call feature, which Android users can exploit to video chat with millions of other Skype users across the World, the company announced.

Also, the new Skype for Android will allow users to make international phone calls using Skype credits at a comparatively lower price.

However, unlike FaceTime by Apple, Skype’s new offering allows users to make video calls over both 3G and Wi Fi networks, meaning they won’t find themselves stuck to a hotspot or their home networks when they want to use the app, and can make video calls whenever and wherever they want.

Skype had already offered similar video calling services for the iOS platform, though it was restricted to the 4th generation iPod touch and the iPhone 4.

The same goes with this new offering for Android users as well. The company revealed that as of now, the latest video calling feature will be available for only a select few Android devices. The full list of products coming with this feature can be found here.

Skype was recently acquired by Microsoft, who is working to include Skype in more platforms.