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Two New Websites Launched By Anonymous, HackerLeaks, LocalLeaks

Anonymous has launched two new websites that will allow hackers to post hacked data for everyone to see and analyse.

According to an article on Forbes, Anonymous and a sub-group called the People’s Liberation Front (PLF) launched two new websites, and, in which hackers can upload stolen data.

The websites have been set-up to receive submissions of stolen data from anonymous channels. Anonymous will then analyse the data and then distribute it to the press to ensure maximum impact.

LocalLeaks follows the model made famous by WikiLeaks and invites whistleblowers to provide information on local issues.

HackerLeaks however, has been specifically been set up to act as a channel for distributing hacked data. The website hopes to become a medium for disclosing stolen data to the world.

“We just wanted to make our own offering, compete in the disclosure marketplace and maybe fill a unique role if we can. We don’t obtain this material. We merely publish it. This violates no sane law anywhere” says Commander X, one of the hackers involved in the projects.

The launch comes as US and European law enforcement agencies are investigating the various DDoS launched by the group and working towards finding the people behind the group.