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US International Trade Commission Delays Kodak Patent Ruling

The US International Trade Commission has delayed the patent infringement case filed by Kodak against Apple and Research in Motion.

The ITC has set a August 30 deadline for making a ruling in the patent infringement lawsuit. Camera maker Kodak had filed a lawsuit against Apple and RIM, alleging that their devices violate its patent related to image preview technology.

The company said that the delay was caused after the ITC had agreed to modify the key findings of an ITC’s judge initial recommendation in the patent case.

Kodak had appealed the meaning of the patent term ‘at least three different colors’. The ITC agreed that all of the Apple and RIM phones mentioned in the lawsuit infringed on this term. The ITC also agreed to modify the meaning of the terms ‘motion processor’ and ‘still processor’.

"We are gratified that the Commission has decided to modify in our favor the judge's initial recommendation," said Laura G. Quatela, General Counsel, Chief Intellectual Property Officer and Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company, Bloomberg reports.

"As we have said from the start, we remain extremely confident this case will ultimately conclude in Kodak's favor," she added.