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Valve lets Steam SDK slip out for free

When Valve recently announced that it would be allowing free access to its Source Engine SDK and other modding tools, there was one tiny caveat.

In order to get hold of the software development kit, users would need to buy at least one Source-based game - including Half-Life 2 or Team Fortress 2 - from the company's Steam market.

Now, however, Valve has admitted that an unintended slip has meant that access to the tools is open to anyone with a Steam account.

When the company announced that popular cartoon shooter Team Fortress 2 would be released as a free-to-play title, someone at Valve forgot to click the button which marked it as a paid-for game in relation to the free SDK offer.

The cat was very much out of the bag once the gaffe was noticed and, as such, Valve has decided to just leave things the way they are.

According to, Valve's Robin Walker has admitted that the free availability of the SDK was not originally planned and was "an unintended side benefit of the change in Team Fortress 2's business model."

More details about the Source SDK are available on the official site although it still says you have to buy TF2 to get the goodies.