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Nokia N9 To Sell For £500?

The UK hasn't appeared yet on the list of countries where the Nokia N9 is going to be launched, at least two online mobile phone retailers, Gummobile and Digital-phone, have put the handset on preorder for £500 including delivery.

Digital-phone is even taking preorders for the phone which will come unlocked and SIM Free and doesn't yet have an official release date in any territory.

The N9 was only recently presented by Nokia and comes with a 3.9-inch 854x480 pixel screen with Gorilla glass placed on top, with the home key button being replaced by a simple swipe.

The handset also comes with an eight megapixel camera, 1GB RAM, 64GB onboard storage, application storage, two year warranty, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, Quad-band GSM and Penta-band CDMA support.

What really sets the N9 apart though is its design; it is made of a single piece of polycarbonate plastic, has no front facing button - the first phone to get rid of them altogether - and is still the first and only phone to be powered by Meego.

We're not sure how Nokia will support the N9 given that officially, the company has abandoned that platform and won't be launching any further handset.

It will be interesting to find out whether Nokia adopts the design of the N9 for its forthcoming Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 handset.