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WikiLeaks to sue Visa, Mastercard over funding

Whistle-blowing outfit WikiLeaks and DataCell, which handles credit card payment processing on its behalf, have announced they intend to sue Visa and Mastercard after the credit card merchants blocked donations to WikiLeaks last year.

Both Mastercard and Visa stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks after a campaign to hound the organisation out of existence began in the US, following the disclosure of mountains of information the war-hungry imperialist would have preferred to keep quiet.

Iceland-based DataCell said back in December that it would take legal action against Visa. The company said in a statement, "The suspension of payments towards Wikileaks is a violation of the agreements with their customers.

"Visa users have explicitly expressed their will to send their donations to Wikileaks and Visa is not fulfilling this wish.

"Visa customers are contacting us in masses to confirm that they really [want to] donate and they are not happy about Visa rejecting them. It is obvious that Visa is under political pressure to close us down."

WikiLeaks said it would sue in the EU where it believes the credit card outfits' actions will be seen as “anti-competitive” in violation of EU competition laws. Papers are expected to be filed this week.