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£124.99 OCZ Vertex 120GB 2.5-inch SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive

The OCZ Vertex 120GB 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive brings along with it a truly high-speed and reliable performance. It is equipped with a wide range of next generation SSD technologies, yet comes at a fairly low price compared to other flash based hard drives floating around in the market.

And it’s not just about the high-end technologies that the product can boast of, the OCZ Vertex series also comes with a highly impressive design that will make you fall for the device at the very first sight.

The storage capacity is 120 GB, with 64 MB Cache. The controller type is Indilinx Barefoot. But what makes the product a formidable component in the cut-throat competitive SSD market is its amazing speed. The OCZ Vertex can read at a speed up to 250 Mbps, while the writing speed stands at as high as 180 Mbps.

The device interface type is Serial ATA II, and the NAND Flash category belongs to the MLC (Multi Level Cell) class. Some of the other quite handy features are a low power consumption, TRIM support, OCZ Garbage Collection, RAID support and many more.

The OCZ Vertex 120GB 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive can be purchased from Overclockers at a price of £124.99 (including VAT).