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£149.95 LG HB44S All-in-one Blu-ray System

The LG HB44S is an all-in-one Blu-ray system that gives you the true value of your money with its amazing performance and a trendy well-finished design.

The on board Blu-Ray player holds the very core of this highly impressive, great value one box home cinema system. The device is capable of providing you with crystal clear, life-like images at a resolution twice that of any standard DVDs.

It comes particularly handy for all those, who are already the proud owners of a 1080p HD ready television. Combine both, and you are all set to take your home-viewing set up to an entirely new level. Also, there is no need to dump your old DVD collection as the HB44S is well capable of improving the picture quality of even those with its 1080p upscaling strength.

Now, let’s have a closer look at some of the important specs and feature:

The HB44S is compatible with both MKV and Blu-ray discs. The number of speaker channel is 2:1. Its high-end Dolby Digital Decoder complements the amazing visual aspects in the best possible way and hence, facilitates you with a powerful audio that goes well with all kinds of activities - be it movies, music, gaming or anything else.

The LG HB44S All-in-one Blu-ray system can be purchased from Richer Sounds for £149.95 only.