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£99.95 Tannoy Mercury F3 Speakers

The Tannoy Mercury F3 speakers are the successor of the award winning F1 range from Tannoy. Compared to its predecessors, or even to the other existing products in the market within the same price-range, the F3 series is equipped with a much larger floor standing cabinet that certainly gives it an edge over the rests.

Though it’s the punchy and powerful sound that mostly defines the Mercury F3, Tannoy has also made sure that you are provided with a smooth and refined sound with balanced treble and bass combo.

And it’s not just about the performance, the F3 can also boast of an amazing design-finished in Apple Wood Vinyl Wrap. So to put it in short, the MERCURY F3 is the all-in-one package of style, performance and affordability.

In regards to the other featuers of F3: the speakers are mercury shielded, meaning you can place them virtually everywhere, even in front of your TV or computer monitor without risking of damaging the screen. The sensitivity factor goes as high as 89 db, while the impedance stands at 8 ohms. The maximum power rating, on the other hand, is 140 watt.

The Tannoy Mercury F3 speakers can be purchased from Richersound for £99.95 only.