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Apple vs. S3 Graphics, Apple Found Guilty of Patent Infringement

iPhone maker Apple Inc. has been found guilty of infringing two patents owned by S3 Graphics, a leading graphics chipset manufacturer from California.

Fortunately for the company though, ITC (International Trade Commission, US) freed it from two other patent infringement charges brought by S3 Graphics.

The “infringed” patents in question were over a type of chips, primarily used for playing video games on phones. The lawsuit filed by S3 Graphics with the ITC claimed that Apple was exploiting some of its patented technologies in its iPhone, iPod, Mac as well as its iPad devices.

The ruling by the ITC was initial though, with the final verdict on the case scheduled to come sometime during the coming November. The initial finding by the ITC will be sent for reviewing by a 6 member commission, which will then give its final verdict whether or not the products built on the infringed technologies should be allowed to import to the US.

Giving his opinion on the ruling, Dr. Ken Weng, chief executive of S3 Graphics, told in a statement, “S3 Graphics is pleased to win this portion of the ITC investigation," Zdnet reports.

However, on being approached for comments, an Apple representative reportedly chose to stay tight lipped.