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BBC to Prevent Spoilers, May Ban Celebrities and Staff from Tweeting

New reports suggest that BBC top executives are planning to impose a ban on celebrities disclosing the channel’s forthcoming programme details via social media platforms, Twitter in particular.

According The Guardian (opens in new tab), the company bosses are currently pondering over the idea of introducing a clause to the contracts with the celebrities in order to prevent them from unfurling their future involvement in BBC productions, provided the information is of sensitive or confidential nature.

The new move by BBC follows a series of events where revelations were made by quite a few celebrities via social media platforms regarding their involvement in upcoming BBC projects, which eventually made negative effect on their press as well as marketing campaigns.

"There's no doubt that Twitter is a popular communications phenomenon but it can also be quite disruptive if artists tweet about an appearance on a show or announce a new commission before the broadcaster is ready to go with the story,” a senior executive said in a statement on the condition of anonymity, the Guardian reports.

“A random tweet can rob an artist of his or her potentially much louder fanfare," the executive added.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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