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Bing, Baidu Join Forces To Grab Google’s English Search Space In China

Chinese search engine giant Baidu has announced that Microsoft’s Bing search engine will power its English search results in China.

The move comes as Google, the global search leader, struggles with a falling market share in the world’s largest online market.

The search partnership will allow Microsoft and Baidu to team up against Google in not only in China but the global search engine market as well.

Currently, most Chinese search users use Google for English language searches. Therefore, an English search engine created by Baidu and Bing will prove to be a formidable competitor to Google, due to Baidu’s massive popularity in the country.

According to an article on Bloomberg, a joint service will be launched by the companies by the end of this year.

"The cooperation between Baidu and Microsoft will further strengthen Baidu's dominance in China's search engine market, and will also make Google's business in China more difficult," said Dong Xu, an analyst with Analysys International, told The Times of India.

"The move will also pave the way for Baidu's overseas business expansion, especially in the English-language search market", he added.