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Data Posted Online By Anonymous, Is It From Apple Servers?

Infamous hacker group Anonymous has possibly hacked an Apple server to leak a small amount of internal data.

The group, which posted the leak on PasteBin, announced the hack via Twitter. “Not being so serious, but well: #Apple could be target, too. But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere. #AntiSec”.

The data leaked by the hacker group was taken from an Apple server used for online surveys and contained 27 internal usernames and passwords.

The leak was small compared to the other cyber attacks conducted by the elusive group but indicates that even a company like Apple is not immune to cyber attacks. Apple has failed to acknowledge the cyber attack but Apple’s main website was not targeted.

The attack on Apple is a part of an on-going hacker movement AntiSecurity, which is organised by Anonymous and the members of the disbanded hacker group LulzSec. The movement’s main aim is to make people aware of the vulnerabilities in the systems that they trust.

Anonymous is known to be behind the attacks on PayPal, Amazon and other companies to refuse to service WikiLeaks. The group has also targeted record companies in order to protest their methods of battling piracy.