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Fox News Tweets 'Obama Is Dead', Hackers Responsible

The Twitter account of US based Fox News was hijacked by a hacker group on Monday, and for several hours multiple fake news reports kept appearing via the account, including some about US President Obama’s death.

Apparently, the hacker collective "Script Kiddies” breached the Fox News Twitter account and managed to post the numerous “tweets”, bearing its own logo.

"Fox news politics hacked by the scrip tkiddies! more embarrassment for FoxNews is imitate," a Twitter message bearing the Fox News logo read before it was finally removed.

“Script Kiddie” members also offered their support to the AntiSec campaign, a movement initiated by the infamous hacktivist group Anonymous with the view to attacking the cyber-infrastructure of various world governments and leaking any data they get their hands on.

"(To) AnonymousIRC TheScriptKiddies would love to assist with #antisec in anyway you need assistance," one more tweet read. However, the message was removed a little later.

Shortly after, Fox News announced that it had regained full access to the Twitter account and the associated email id.

But the troubles did not end there for the news outfit, as Script Kiddiies struck back and started posting more “tweets” using Fox News’ own logo.

"@BarackObama has just passed. The President is dead. A sad 4th of July, indeed. President Barack Obama is dead," one tweet read.