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Games For Windows Marketplace Merging With Informs Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft has decided to merge its Games for Windows Marketplace with in an effort to make Xbox the single point of entertainment for its customers.

The Games for Windows Marketplace allowed gamers to download the PC versions of a game for their Windows systems. The platform was launched little over a year ago and marked Microsoft’s efforts to gain a considerable share in the PC gaming market.

Microsoft said in a statement to PC Gamer that the merger will complete on July 11.

The company’s decision to integrate PC gaming with Xbox Live has not gone down well with PC gamers as they believe that confusing PC games with console games is not the right way to evolve the PC gaming market.

“Members of our passionate communities across Xbox 360 and Games for Windows can now purchase and get details on their favourite games, all in one place. All user account information will remain the same and community members can still take advantage of their Xbox LIVE profile in their Windows games and stay connected to friends who are playing on the PC,” the company said in a statement.