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Google Doodle Celebrates American Independence Day

Search engine giant Google has celebrated the American Independence day with a new Doodle that attempts to cover the entire US from the east coast to the west coast.

The new Doodle features images of important US landmarks spread across the Google logo on the homepage.

The left hand side of the Doodle starts with the iconic San Francisco Gate Bridge with mountains in its background and Google’s ‘G’ at its front. The bridge is followed by an image of a horse near a farm. After that, Google has shown a house in the Midwest Town complete with a baseball icon on a billboard.

The Doodle also features the Sears towers in Chicago, a bald eagle, a guitar and a fruit. The extreme right features the Statue of Liberty which represents the New York City in the east coast.

Google has shown daylight in the west coast while the east coasts night sky has been set alight with traditional Fourth of July fireworks.

However, many were expecting Google to come up with an exciting animated Doodle to mark the special occasion, as it has done in the past. The company had earlier replaced its logo with an animated electric guitar to mark the birthday of its inventor.