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Google And Microsoft Face Lawsuit Over 3D Mapping Technology

Microsoft and Google are being sued by a Louisiana based software company for allegedly violating its patents related to mapping technology.

According to an article on Bloomberg, Transcenic Inc has alleged that the companies have violated its patented technology that allows them to offer 3D images of locations on a map.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the federal court in Wilmington, Delaware, stated that the patent violation by the two companies has ‘injured’ Transcenic, adding that the smaller party should be given 'adequate' compensation for the infringement.

The company claims that search giant Google’s StreetView service and Microsoft’s StreetSide mapping service, which are part of Google Maps and Bing Maps, violate its patent by offering a 3D view of locations to their users.

Transcenic claimed that Google and Microsoft violated its patent by putting “infringing systems into action or service” and have benefited from the system.

StreetView and StreetSide have already been targeted by a lawsuit from GeoTag, which filed against 300 companies who use Google and Microsoft mapping services to display store locations on maps.

Apart from Microsoft and Google, the lawsuit has also named internet company AOL and MapQuest as defendants.